How I Work

Through talking therapy I aim to help clients achieve a greater sense of self-worth and attain greater power over your own lives. On the foundation of trust, empathy and respect, together we create a supportive, safe space in which you can explore your personal challenges and develop strategies to overcome them.

The foundation of my theoretical approach is Rogerian Person-Centred Therapy.

The basis of this type of equal relationship in counselling sessions is within the existential, humanistic and phenomenological range of talking therapies.

I am currently exploring 'Mindfulness' and 'Focusing' as part of my continuing personal development and strongly believe in the potential of this practice to achieve improved mental health status for all.

Chris seemed to tune-in to my wavelength and to genuinely understand my concerns. It was useful to share the process of discovering what really mattered to me.

Chris helped me to know more about myself and to understand and tackle problems better.

I found myself saying things that I had never been able to express to anyone before. Listening to my own thoughts and feelings properly for the first time helped me to work-out how to set about making important changes in my life.

Know Yourself

Own Yourself

Be Yourself