About Me

I am an independent counsellor and coach in private practice with fifty years of previous experience and professional development in care work, including advanced qualifications in continuing education, social work and psychotherapy. I have been practising person-centred therapy for the last eight years.

I responded well to a person-centred approach during therapeutic sessions as a counselling client with medically diagnosed acute anxiety and depression, which I had been experiencing in an incapacitating way for several months, some twenty years ago.

My recent personal development activity has included extensive practitioner research into post-traumatic growth and an intensive course in Advanced Existential Coaching at the New School of Psychotherapy & Counselling in London. My own person-centred and existentialist approach has been inspired by eight years of in-depth counselling work with clients experiencing a diverse range of life issues including, loss and grief, post-traumatic stress, childhood abuse and adversity, addiction, anxiety, depression, relationships and autism.

After researching and studying mindfulness, focusing, post-traumatic growth, positive psychology and existential therapy over the last four years, I now invite clients to follow Stephen Joseph's self-help guidance for authentic living, which encourages a long-term personal reflective process, summarised as: know yourself; own yourself; be yourself.

I believe that authenticity should be at the heart of everything we do. Overall, I try to help my clients achieve a developing sense of self-worth and greater power over their own lives. My aim is to assist clients in developing and consolidating their personal ways of tackling life's challenges, so that they can find their own meaning and direction. We work together on understanding problems in living and overcoming them.

Chris seemed to tune-in to my wavelength and to genuinely understand my concerns. It was useful to share the process of discovering what really mattered to me.

Chris helped me to know more about myself and to understand and tackle problems better.

I found myself saying things that I had never been able to express to anyone before. Listening to my own thoughts and feelings properly for the first time helped me to work-out how to set about making important changes in my life.

Know Yourself

Own Yourself

Be Yourself